Are You A Blogger? Then Let's Connect Our Blogs Together and Grow Better and Faster! [ Alliance for Link Juice]

People do guest post for link juice. You know what that is; It makes a blog grow better. But is it really reliable? I mean do you really have to spend time all the time just to get your blog's URL on a blog you are doing guest post on? If you are a Blogger. Let's get into alliance and rank better. This is no less than guest post. And in a way you wont have to spend time in writing guest post. As a matter of fact I'd call this, Free Traffic Scheme. Mind you, If you are so in love with guest posting, you can also do guest post as this wont be a distraction. As you do your guest posting, you also get free backlink and link juice from this network alliance. Cool right?

The way it works is; We feature each other on our blog’s post (internal links). Bloggers are willing to do guest post. But think about this, the time to write for their blogs, build backlinks and then find ideas and time to write guest posts. That can take up to or more than six months to grow a blog to an extent. This might also take time but will be effortless.

This isn't by force but while making a post it won’t be an extra task to check the list on Facebook and add the link you haven’t attended to. Others are also going to do the same, if not will be shortlisted without notice and all backlinks to that site will be made ordinary text.

How it works

  • First, You'd have to be a member of this group on Facebook
  • Kindly add your blog's URL and anchor text (keyword) to the Pinned post; "Bloggers Alliance" so it can be featured (listed).
  • Feature at least one link from the list (you can feature two links or more, remember we are in for a fast growth). 
  • Feature links (link to listed URLs on your post) according to how they are listed.
  • Others are also subjected to do the same. If anyone fails, will be shortlisted without notice and all links from this network to the site will be made ordinary text.
  • Feature links on your most recent posts or lively posts - To ensure you’d cover a great list of submitted links
  • Make links dofollow - we are indeed out for fast and better growth


  • I will always list your site when writing any article that relates to a topic on your site (anyone with site submitted on this list) I’ll feature your site instead of a foreign site using the rel=’dofollow attribute. So be active here. Other members will also do the same.
  • Free permanent dofollow backlinks coupled with link juice.


  • You should have a least PageRank (PR) 1 - We wont be using Alexa ranking as a criteria in accepting sites as we are optimizing for Google and not Alexa. If you have a far better PageRank than 1, I advice you to join this network cos, 200 PR 2 sites means something to your blog's growth. One thing I discovered in successful people is; they don't under-estimate little things.
  • Please make sure not to submit sites with copyrighted materials to the list [ take note ].
  • That's not all, we will keep on editing the rules as the list grow.

I urge you to go add your link to the list if you meet up with the requirement(s), cos first come first served. If you add your link now. when the list is growing any new member will start by adding (linking to your site) your link to their blog posts. Plus I'll be going to bloggers groups I belong to and will invite others to come partake on this. Do well to subscribe to our RSS feed. Got any questions or suggestions use the comments form below, it will be attended to. Cheers! Regards: WorldWebSurfers.com


  1. I really wanna Join the facebook group but i got this message while trying to join the group
    ''This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
    Return home''
    anyway here my blog's URL : Make Money Online Easily

    My blog is PR0 but my Alexa is less than 2000,000

    I Hope you approve my inventory

  2. Hi Anis, I am glad you are interested in partaking on this bloggers alliance. I'd gladly accept you into the network but only when you meet up with the requirement, If you had at least PR1 you should have been the first in the list. But don't fail to be a member of the group cos more programs will be coming soon. By the way I tried the link now and it worked fine. Try clearing your browser cache before revisiting the link. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the compliment EL, all glory to God. Its good to have you on WWS. I responded to your message not quite long. Cheers!