4 Tips for Knowing When to Monetize a Blog

Most everyone with a business site or a blog considers the idea of monetization – making money off of your work. It is definitely possible, as countless bloggers can attest to. The problem for many is knowing when to begin. When should you start monetizing? With 31 million bloggers in the U.S. alone, according to Blogging.org, there are probably millions of people asking this exact question. The answer is not 100 percent clear. There are certainly some good indicators of when monetization might be viable, including traffic levels, amount of content and overall influence. In the end, however, you decide the timing.

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You Need Content

The phrase “content is king” may be overused and strewn all around the web, but that doesn't mean it's a myth. People go to blogs for content, probably content produced by you, and you need to have a respectable amount of it before you begin asking for money. Marketing and media relations consultant and blogger Rebecca Coleman recommends 3-6 months of regular content creation, at least a post a week and 20-50 posts already created before you begin monetizing.

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You Need Traffic

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If you plan on selling ad space through Google AdSense or to other vendors, you need to have enough traffic on your site to justify it. The arguments over just how much traffic is necessary are endless, and it can be difficult to decide on an exact number. Popular blogger and blogging teacher Angie Jordan argues that it is not as much about traffic as it is targeted traffic. Are you pulling in a dedicated audience interested in your topic? These types of readers are much more likely to buy products related to what you are blogging on, as opposed to random visitors. If you have a solid, targeted audience, it is time to monetize.

Get the Infrastructure Right

When you start requesting payment for the services you are providing, you imply a certain level of professionalism. Make certain your blog reflects this. Do you have enough bandwidth to handle your visitors and your projected growth? Hosting experts WebHostingBlueBook.com recommend choosing a hosting company that offers sufficient bandwidth to avoid serious issues that will make your blog look less than professional. Having your own domain is also important . This means you have your own website – www.myblog.com, for instance – instead of being a subdomain of a blogging service like BlogSpot. This shows you are serious about your business, and gives you much more control.

Influence Pays

If you are a passionate advocate for your subject, and people come looking to you for information about it, chances are it is time to monetize. Do people share your insights or posts over social networking? Do they look to you for the final word on your subject? This may take some time to accomplish, but if you can become influential in your area, advertisers and companies will gladly work with you.

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