Some Gadgets to Keep You Company While Traveling

Traveling has become a popular pastime today. This is partly due to people always being interested in discovering new places and cultures and partly due to the advances in transportation that make traveling cheaper and more accessible. But not everything can be made completely effortless. There are for example a lot of countries that require of you to have a visa, especially if you are planning on staying for an extended period of time.

traveling gadgets

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One of the systems for acquiring a visa is ESTA Visa. ESTA stands for electronic system for travel authorization and it has been developed by the US government to pre screen travelers before they board a plane to United States. It has been compulsory since 2009 and it is completely online based, so there is no unnecessary running around different travel offices. Even though everything for the ESTA Visa can be arranged through the internet, it is still advised that you apply for it at least 72 hours prior to your departure, so you can put everything in order if there are any problems.

Killing Time High-Tech Way

When you have the visa, all necessary tickets, your luggage and a travel plan you are almost ready to go. But what is still missing? Even though all tickets and traveling plans can be arranged online, you still have to physically get to the airport and board the plane. The thing that cannot be avoided in this process are the waiting lines. You can come across them everywhere, from the airport to the museum and the important thing to have with you is something to kill the time with.
Almost everyone owns at least one cell phone today and let's face it - they are the most practical and the most diverse way to keep your mind away from the time that you will have to spend waiting. There are thousands of different apps that you can download on your phone, some of them even for free and they can keep you occupied anytime and anywhere. A similar but a little less compact solution is a laptop. They are more efficient every day, the chargers for the batteries are getting smaller and smaller and let's face it - if you are waiting for your plane on an airport you are bound to find at least one socket where you can plug it in and keep yourself busy.
There is also an option of a portable gaming console or an MP3 player. Both of them are designed to have just one possible use, but at the same time that gives the the possibility of having optimized batteries that enable them to run for a longer period of time without being recharged.

Olden But Golden

If you are not a fan of technology or if you do not have the access to a charger at all times, you might still prefer the all-time favorite boredom-killer: a book. There is a large variety of paperbacks out there, they are light, you can put them in any bag and you can read them anywhere, but if you want a little bit of exercise for your brain along the way, you can also choose crossword or Sudoku puzzles. The only other thing you need to take with you is a pen and you are all set for a pleasurable traveling experience. This was a guest article from a fellow reader :)


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