How to Make Money with Art

We all know the meme of the starving artist - and it rings true because it so very often really is true. Many have discovered that it is not so easy to make money with art. Even with true talent, hard work, and a formal art education, making money with art, especially enough to actually live on, is still difficult for most artists.

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A long held tradition in the world of art, and a great way to make money with art, is the commissioned piece of art. Portraits are the most common commission and these will keep your work on display for generations. Pet portraits are a growing field for artists to take commissions in. How fun!

Landscapes in general are perennial favorites in the art world. You know your surrounding the best, but be willing to travel for these commissions if asked. Architecture of schools, businesses, homes, and institutions are also a common commision for artists, and again insure an audience for your art for many years to come. Design and include a nice plaque or wall board for all of your commissioned pieces. All the better if it is not removable and part of the work or the frame.


Many businesses and hospitals hang art, find one whose taste resembles your own.
Most of these places want to improve their standing in their community and will support a local artist. Often a sale to a business can include a series or multiple works of art. While they are looking for a unifying decorative theme and feel for their building, you will profit if you know this and make more art to sell as a somewhat cohesive group of pieces. This is also an area of art sales where you should include your artist information so people viewing the work in the public space will be able to pursue your work.


More and more artists sell exclusively online. Being able to connect directly and instantly with art fans and buyers is a great boon to artists. This often reduces the fees and percentages for hosting art to mere pennies. Usually selling art online is a direct venture, with no agents or gallery between you and the art buying public. From Etsy to DeviantArt and everything in between, there are hundreds of successful marketplaces online to sell your art.

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While some artists consider this beneath them, all artists have to pay the bills. From sketches for print advertising to large signs that many will see for years, art in the name of selling can still be effective. A connection with a local advertising firm or newspaper can be a great asset to this sort of sale.

Sell Art, Pay Bills, Buy Supplies, Make Art

Don’t be a starving artist! It is well known that those artists who have the ability to devote their lives to their art without working elsewhere are more successful and prolific. Open your options to sell that art!

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